All happy people are the same, but everyone that suffers, suffers in their own unique way.

Individual Therapy and Group Therapy

A psychological, authentic and profound encounter with another human being can change our lives and transform the world within us. It can inspire and calm us to accept ourselves as we are now and to walk authentically toward what we can become.

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Philosophical Counseling

Philosophical counseling is aimed at people who want to deepen their way of being (in the words of the rapper Mos Def) through which they feel strong, not aggressive, free not only licensed, full of compassion not only polite, good not only well mannered.

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Psycho-oncology is intended for people suffering from an oncological condition and aims to offer supportive counseling and / or counseling of family members to maximize the quality of life and psychological state of the person during treatment.

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Psychological counseling & individual and group personal development

After almost 150 years of psychotherapy, we are full of recipes on how to be productive, efficient, happy, fulfilled, but the necessary ingredients have remained the same - the nature of man and the human condition reflected in his particularity.

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Art gives us the chance to remember past moments, to hope for the best, to be resilient with suffering, to rebalance, to understand ourselves, to grow, but especially to appreciate the beauty of life and to be comforted from the painful chaos in it. 

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Psychotherapy through writing

Written psychotherapy is a relatively old form of therapy (poets and writers) but new in the set of psychotherapeutic practices.

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