Psychotherapy for Artists

Integrative Psychotherapy for Artists is a service that includes the full range of psychological support for difficulties that interfere with the lives and work of artists and creative individuals.

Artists and creatives have unique needs and motivations that go beyond the functioning day-to-day demands. Their continuous drive for imagination, insights, emotionality, intellect, curiosity, and adventurousness about new ideas and experiences collide with the effects of routine and mundanity on the creative mind.

Working in therapy, we will focus on issues such as:

  • lack of confidence, creative blocks, existential boredom;
  • performance anxiety, depression, addictions;
  • stage fright, perfectionism, procrastination;
  • self-undermining, self-sabotaging behaviors;
  • lack of meaning, purpose, and significance;
  • isolation from working alone or difficulty working in a group;
  • relational problems, trauma, strained relationships with oneself or with others;
  • the economic and psychological hardships that are often part of the price artists pay for pursuing talent and inspiration;
  • the emotional consequences of career changes;
  • fear of failure and fear of success.

All these problems are best treated with the care of integrative-relational psychotherapy, at the same time cultivating personal resources such as: courage, authenticity, empathy, appreciation, internal compass, self-awareness, quality of presence, vision, resilience, and the relationship with Art.

We will also work on integrating the Artist Archetype and ensuring the best-individualized conditions necessary for the act of creation, the neuroscience of creativity, deliberate practice, and performance training in the context of well-being (career, financial, social, health, community).

The psychotherapeutic process contributes not only to greater emotional aliveness and profundity in the artist's personal life but also to the vitality and wholeness of the artistic process and the art product.

Integrative psychotherapy for artists is a transformative journey that changes your inner world from a capricious adversary to your most important ally. Your valuable talent and perspective deserve the best chance to find their place in the world while supporting a fulfilling, satisfying, and meaningful life for their creator.

So how and from where do you extract your feelings of being alive and creative?

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