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After almost 150 years of psychotherapy, we are full of recipes on how to be productive, efficient, happy, fulfilled, but the necessary ingredients have remained the same -  the nature of man and the human condition reflected in his particularity.

If you had a happy childhood, there is not so much pressure on the second half of life to feel the good and delightful side of the human experience.

But if the first part of life has been sprinkled with suffering, adversity, deprivation, abuse, trauma, isolation, alcohol, drugs, violence, poverty, hunger, shame, anxiety, anger, depression, eating disorders - the second part of life is a chance to live, but especially to feel the good and beautiful part of life.

The second part of life is perhaps your last chance to heal, to repair, to make peace with the past, to move towards a future in which you feel an ounce of calm, of serenity, of peace, and joyful acceptance of the world within you and a bit of care to the world outside of you.

The wounded parts of us only need new sources of trust towards life and in ourselves, new ways of calming our inner waves, and empathic warmth for what it means to be a humane human. 

The wounded parts of us crave new sources of hope and meaning to extract the courage we need, to go out in the world and live what we need to live.

A suffering mind is always looking for new ways to anesthetize the pain, but a relational mind is always looking for new ways to connect and deepen its contact with life.

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