Individual integrative psychotherapy

A psychological, authentic and profound encounter with another human being can change our lives and transform the world within us. It can inspire and calm us to accept ourselves as we are now and to walk authentically toward what we can become.

We can work on a type of therapeutic process:

STRUCTURED - focused on a specific problem with an approximation of time on solving / improving / reducing its negative effects.

In this approach we work with specific measurable objectives nuanced by you, on issues separated in their psychological and practical components.

NON-STRUCTURED FREE SELF-EXPLORING - this style of work is best described by the following metaphor:

When Christopher Columbus left Spain in 1492 with his small fleet of 3 ships on a discovery mission, he wanted to discover a new route to India for the Spanish crown:

“During his voyage at sea, there were times when the wind it was pounding, and the little ships were advancing well. But there were times when the wind stopped completely and the water became calm, with the surface smooth as a large mirror and the vessels drifting and seemingly endless, frozen by equatorial calm for weeks on end…

And there were periods of thunder and lightning, with winds that brought torrents of rain and huge waves threatening ships and crew.

Therapy experience is reflected in all stages described. Columbus had gone on a journey to discover a new road to India, but he discovered a new world instead! ” (Evans, 2013)

Integrative group psychotherapy

An increasingly common affliction today is that those deep and sincere discussions about the deepest insecurities we feel, or the deepest and most vivid parts of us, we only talk about them a few times throughout our lives. Or sometimes not at all for decades and decades in a row.

The deepest and most vivid parts of us will only see the light of day for a few moments in our whole life, and the witnesses of these moments will be less than the fingers of one hand.

Group psychotherapy proposes an organized and confidential framework for these deep and authentic discussions about who we are as human beings and what we want to become in a social setting, along with other people who are on the same path.

Let's talk!

Change and Transformation are my passion and expertize

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