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People have wondered for millennia how to respond to human fragility, vulnerability, and temporality. Fiery debates have been held for millennia by supporters of the supremacy of one answer.

After all, we live a short amount of time and suffer in the meantime!? Old age, disease, mortality, human suffering have never had a writer's block. 

Choose life? Let me see the brochure first!

About at the same time as in India, the causes of human suffering were being analyzed, some people dressed in quality sheets with excellent taste in architecture, gathered in the market of a city called Athens and began to wonder how we can live well despite suffering and limited time we are given in life. 

The interesting thing with time is that the Greeks, the guys who professionalized the conversations between people, had two names for time: Kronos and Kairos.

Kronos is the linear, quantitative time that erodes and extinguishes us; Kairos, on the other hand, is a quality time, characteristic of the unique chances, opportunities, and moments in our lives when we feel inspired and inflamed by profound changes in which we feel reborn and capable to renew our lives.

The time when we can still be surprised, animated by vitality and presence, still feeling that our lives have oceanic depths of possibilities shored only by our imagination and the courage for authenticity.

The dialogue about time and its effects on humans began to be highly regarded as good and useful in deepening the understanding of what it means to be human and how to live better. 

Of course, this irritated a lot of people because they were asked difficult questions, and they preferred only the answers, so it ended with a famous execution with poison that went down in the annals of history.

After a few thousand springs, this made a cigar-loving Viennese doctor think if dialogue could be a good conductor of mental health, and the questions could be catalysts for personal change.

Of course, this irritated a lot of people again because they found out what other people were thinking.

But the process invented by Freud, psychotherapy, proved that if we are supportive with each other among the most difficult moments, or by offering a helping ear and a witness to our pain; and even among the easiest moments of living, with whom to share a little laughter and joy, letting life flow as easily as a river always accepts its sea in which it flows, we can heal from the effects of the past and feel better in present, and create a better future. 

At the end of our lives it will be about how intensely we fought, how deeply we loved and how vastly we understood life.

And perhaps most valuable of all, how much we have accepted and honored this gift of being alive for a short time, of being self-aware, of the Cosmos, of the history of life, even of the silent spaces between the galaxies that until our birth, did not have witnesses to their beautiful existence.

More important than the easy answers provided on a tray by people and society, are the right questions that keep you awake at night and make your heart beat a little faster. 

So let's see what questions are consuming you.

Let's talk!

Change and Transformation are my passion and expertize

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